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Расстрел Санкционных Гусей!

Acoustic - Чайф - Не Спеши

Gustavo Almadovar Disco Dub Style!
Just for lolz

American Health Care Fail!
Real view on American Health Care system

Whole Thinge
video clip, 2012

BMW Design Fail!
review of BMW's "brilliant" design

50 | 50 Airlines
advertisement for fun

Cast Iron Frying Pan
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Beethoven: Prelude No.12
performed by Aleksey Kamenev

Beethoven: Apposionata No.23
performed by Aleksey Kamenev

Russian Theatre Concert
performing: Aleksey Kamenev (June, 2009)

Flip-Flops | Shlepki
video clip on parody to In My White Tee 2011