Space Muze Press Release

Space Muzeik, experimental enough?
July 24, 2012 Chicago, IL

     Individually composed, recorded and produced, no labels involved, but with in-progress listener criticism. Main
inspiration comes from the groups like The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails and old school Space (Didier Marouani and Space,
1977-1980). Weird electronic synthesized melodies blended into atmospheric ambience with classical sounds of piano
and orchestra smashed with breakbeats and dub space beats and all of that is glued together and presented in the
Space Muze album - . Yet, is it too experimental?

     Developed by previous experiments with Hip-Hop, Electronic Punk Rock, acoustic guitar- it grew into an interesting
inter-terrestrial sound. Apparently, it is always for the listener to determine the quality and value of the sound. Space
Muze is more of an experimental musical project than an exact targeted style or audience. However, each of the
composition was simplified to the point where it is not too fat to swallow.

     A video clip for one of the Space Muze tracks is under development now. Yet, the audio part is done!

Review quotes:
"Full of flashy, danceable rhythms, playful beats, and interstellar sound washes"

"Space Muze is a head trip to some off-beat, all-hours dancefloor at the end of the universe."

"...hits the surface of the sky in tracks such as Disco to Saturn

"Theres splashes of all manner of archetypal electronica, a hint of Kraut-ish sensibility, and what occasionally even comes off as something approaching classic video game scores."

Contact Info:
Aleksandr Kamenev