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Happy New Year!
One of my first acoustic sogns. This one is about my 'ex'. Btw, fuck you! :)

shurkin - korna
Acoustik, December 31, 2013



FRAPE! The most lusting man in the world! Thanks to my friend in Jamaica :)

FRAPE! The most lusting man in the world!

Stay horny my friends!

End of the world is soon, so here is a funny video for you i just made :)

Gustavo Almadovar Disco Dub Style!


Here is another old USSR song. A very good one, I love it!
It comes from an old movie called: "Za Dvumya Zaicami", which means: "Going for 2 rabbits".
This is an expression in Russian language which means you go for 2 things which are beneficial too you,
while been too selfish and at the end of the day you don't get either. Like if you would hunt rabbits and
you would see 2 rabbits running in front of you and would decide to catch both - they split - you get
nothing! :)

Kanareechka (Canarybird)

I am also starting, this weekend, to work on the new video.

Lots of people lately told me I looke like Vladimir Visockiy with my beard!
Also, there was no acoustic lately, since the begining of the year actually..

So, I just recorded 5 songs (Visockiy mostly) with my new guitar and will be posting each week!

Let's start with V. Visockiy - "Kupola":

Btw, the new acoustic guitar is awesome! Cordoba rules!

Stop by soon for another acoustik soon!

Now, this is based on true facts of my experiences with American Health Care system!

American Health Care FAIL!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Long time no news here! My bad.

Good news however. New video is coming up very soon (1-2 weeks)!

American Healthcare Fail! Preview Bullshit Insurance Card

Yep ;)

Here is the video clip!
Whole Thinge

This is about finishing it all up. Finishing everything, the whole thing!

The audio composition can be obtained here: iTunes (I don't think it's available here yet)
and Here: Amazon MP3


Isn't that an adorable couple!

Sorry AKAI XR20 :(
I guess, regular standard drum machines is just not my thing...

Now that was some awesome shit! :)
100,000 views in 3 days and still growing with loads of comments on liveleak!
In your face BMW!

Right now I am awaiting for a new instrument I bought from KORG, which should arrive tomorrow!
Can't wait for that thing! Will include pictures once it's here.

The video clip is pretty much ready and will be posted next Wednesday - September 12

Otherwise I am already working on different video project like the BMW Design Fail! ;)

Here is a little video review I made about BMW stupidity or a "genius" design idea to make more money.

BMW Design Fail!

That actually happened when we were taking a road trip along the Mississippi river and were in
inhabitant area! We had to be towed about 50 miles to the city of Dubuque, which was pretty
depressing and the damn micro power unit which had to be replaced wasn't available at their
dealership, so we had to stay for a day, while they would ship one from Chicago, how ironic :).

So, it cost me around $700 to get it replaced, reprogrammed, etc. and I lost about 1.5 days due to
that. I like how the local representative agreed that it was really dumb design to place such important
unit under the spare tire, attached to a piece of Styrofoam, where if you have even a slight leak -
most likely the unit will be destroyed... I mean, where do you usually carry water, food, coolers, beer,
drugs, etc.? In the trunk! Well, that's what I thought. 1 plastic bottle of water was enough for such

You can also see how to place the unit away from there, into the battery compartment, so you can
avoid such problems.

The video clip will be released in about 1.5-2 weeks. Stay tuned!

Purchased a new acoustic guitar! The Cordoba C5-CE.

Very nice guitar!
Even includes the electronic output slot for recording (will be recording another acoustic soon! ;)

Tomorrow the review video will be released, with the story behind it, fun stuff!

Also, got another interesting review for Space Muze:

Hmm... Maybe I should compose music for video games? What do you think?

Here is another proffessional review for Space Muze album!

Shurkin has found his true calling with Space Muze and has the ability to lead in an underserved genre.

"Needing some interesting background music today as I tried to get some work done, I turned to
BandCamp and came across what sounded like it would be an interesting listen in the album Space
Muze by Shurkin. With a description that says weird electronic synthesized melodies blended into
atmospheric ambience with classical sounds of piano and orchestra smashed with breakbeats and dub
space beats, I knew this could work. Shurkin grew up in The Ukraine and attended both music and
dance school in his formative teenage years there. He immigrated to the US in 1999 and immediately
wanted to get involved in the music scene. He has experimented in many different genres from Russian
Hip Hop to Industrial Punk Rock, but I think he may have found his calling in the electro genre of
Space Rock. Shurkins new album Space Muze is a great entry into this interesting genre. It is a 15
song instrumental opus that explores many soundscapes that sound as if they were beamed right from
the former planet Pluto. His song Voyage To The Void touches on many different sounds layered over
eachother to create a wall of sound that cascades over your whole body. The listener can hear the
influence of The Prodigy in the slow/hard pace of Planetary Dispute. This song has many different
parts that seem to contradict each other only to keep your mind focused on this spacey song. The
album closer Last Year Snow opens with a classical sounding recorder flute over a static-y
background before a mellow drum beat is added to carry you through the atmosphere that is the
rest of the song.

Bottom Line: Shurkin has found his true calling with Space Muze and has the ability to lead in an
underserved genre. Take a look and listen at: http://www.shurkin.com http://shurkin.bandcamp.com"

I like it :)
We continue to work on video, it should be done pretty soon, stay put!

Oh, by the way, I am planning on making some interesting video review about my car as well ;)

Finally, Space Muze is released on iTunes and Amazon MP3!

* Space Muze on: iTunes
* Space Muze on: Amazon MP3

Currently finishing up the little sick video project ;)

Check this out!

Space Muze is published on www.portaltotheuniverse.org and on www.hobbyspace.com

Just wanted to share, as that's pretty awesome! :)

Hello there!

So far it's been really well since the release!
There is activity, there are clicks and listens :)

Right now I am working on video, well and audio as well!
Here is a little post release video message I made today:

Stay put!

Sorry for such delay...

Everything is coming on the following Tuesday, 7.25.2012 - the release!

It will be available online to listen to the whole CD, free download, appreciation download (high quality),
an ability to buy the CD on my site, shipped to your house, press release, professional review and
an upcoming video clip!

The video is in early stages of development, so it won't be ready by Tuesday, but very soon!

One more preview before release!

Disco to Saturn -

Happy Friday! :)

Here is another preview track from the upcoming album!
The name speaks for itself, however, at most this is not a regular type of dub step ;)

Dub Space -

The release may get a little delayed to the beggining of June, but very beginning!


It's been some crazy few weeks now and it keeps on going!
Trying to push yourself out there by yourself is not an easy task, but I think I am getting somewhere.

Anyways, the release of the cd should be within this month and pretty soon (couple of weeks).
Here is a little preview of the sounds from the upcoming album with Space music:

Mercury is Gone -

So, apparently I will be using twitter, facebook and all that crap more actively now :)
Today though, we are going to watch UEFA 2012 - Russia vs. Greece in Sauna, how cool is that!
Go Russia!!!111

Almost everything is ready!

The space musical project is already breathing live :)
Right now I am awaiting the KAOSSILATOR 2, which is on backorder until end of May...

So, about middle of June - ending of June, there will be release, stay put!

Happy New Year! To start off this year we just finished recording the famous Ukrainian song in a new
way, more of a dance style way, with my sole mate.

Download - Nese Galya Vodu (feat Marina Muzychenko)

I am still working on my cosmos musical, so stay tuned! :)

Opened a new thing on my site - Acoustik!

I'll be putting there acoustical songs I sing on parties and so.
It's mostly Russian, but good stuff :), here for example Sektor Gaza - Ya Ustal

Also, here are the pictures from the recent show with TET-A-TET theatre: Show Pictures

Otherwise, I continue to work on the cosmical musical project.

Famous Russian song about Russian Field!

Russian Field (by Yan Frenkel') - Download!

By the way, this is recorded on the new microphone with the use of sound reflector.

Meanwhile we continue to rehearse for the upcoming show!

If you want to save your time and money - do not shop at ZIMAV.COM!

I placed an order for the sE Electronics Project Studio Reflexion FIlter - REFLEXION-PSRF on 9/18/2011

(click on the screen cap to enlarge +)

And I still got nothing...
About a week and a half ago I've tried emailing this phony company and tried calling them about
5 times. Every time I would get some sort of "messenger" girl who always never had any access to
check on the order and would always tell me that she will pass on the message (for the last few
calls she said it will be urgent!) and that I would get a call regarding this as soon as possible.

So far, I did not get any return call nor the product I ordered, and my money is not returned!

With this information I clearly state: FU ZIMAV.com! You are either retarded or... retarded

Anyways, I ordered the filter from a legitimate good company and now awaiting for it :-)

So far, this is the summary of current upgrades:

Sold this baby -

Bought Novation Ultranov synth -

And also bought this reflection filter for mic -

There is stuff to record, so once I'll receive the filter - Ahoy!

I bought a new synth! YEEEEEEEEEEE!

It's a Novation Ultranova - awesome piece of gear!

Too drunk to type anymore, watch the new ad on the recent video section of the main page


A little renovation here.

Spent all day here working on web-site, hope this looks better :)

Also Currently awaiting for a camera replacement due to defect to continue production!


So far so good!

It's turbulent in cosmos! Here is the audio evidence: Planetary Dispute

Just placed an order for secondary camera and other necessary stuff for the
new video clip for the new song (still has to be recorded). Wheeeeeeeee :)

Just shot the advertisement for a soviet frying pans :)!

Ahoy! Evil Mouse Production - Iron Cast Frying Pan ad

Continuing to compose industrial style, also will be starting shootings of a new video clip this week.


Finally finished making video on the legendary "Flip-Flops" song (parody on Crime Mob - In My White Tee), watch on Home page on the bottom!

Currently making scenario for the next video clip and composing there and there. Also working with one of my friends on mastering and releasing his debut album, also helping out russian church chorus by arranging the song and also working on several other projects at the moment.

Alao reocorded audio and shot a video of my brother playing a piano, this is really good stuff:
Aleksey Kamenev - Prelude No.12 piano
Aleksey Kamenev - Appassionato No. 23 piano

Also, the song I am arranging for chorus, initially I made the whole instrumental and right now
simplifying it to a phonogram, here is the instrumental Mary did you know - , or on YouTube:
Mary did you know -instrumental (arranged by shurkin)

In the instrumental I am re-creating the sound of the whole orchestra, I feel proud! :)

Also, want to make some funny video this week, just for fun, so stop by!

Happy New Year | Christmass | Old New Year (russian thing) and all the other shit! :)

We just ended shooting the short-length movie Pomegranate (watch on Main Page)!

Most likely shooting of the movie finally pushed me to shoot my own video clip. Currently,
I am waiting for blood, I need it for few scenes which left to shoot, once I get blood - Ahoy!
It will be pretty weird to see my video clip after the current sweetheart Pomegranate :D

Also, this week I start shooting next video clip on the song which is parody to "In my White Tee",
the song "", which means Slippers ;), it's in Russian though (but will make sub-titles in video).
What's interesting is that the scenario for video clip for "Slippers" I've written around 3-4 years ago!
And finally since I started "video carreer" - the world will see it, ha-ha-ha. LOL and shit

With audio and new song making, this is just a little Pause, not for long though.
Well, come back more this week to see my first video clip, it is very lovely! ;)