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Some new shit coming up

     Weird electronic synthesized melodies blended into atmospheric ambience with classical sounds of
piano and orchestra smashed with breakbeats and dub space beats. Thats the sandwich glued
together, which is presented via the Space Muze - album and that is the most present
representation of my music.

     Originally I am from Ukraine, Kharkov and was born there. Back to the 1990s when I attended
musical school there was always some sort of a pull away from regular classical and any type of music
for me. Even though many of the compositions like the Prelude Op. 23 No. 5 or my favorite - the
Prelude Op. 3 No. 2 of Rachmaninov are unique and in my opinion look experimental, there was some
sort of other direction. Once I was finished with musical school, there was the dance school (Academy
of the Modern Dance), where I was introduced to breakdancing and the first break moves were
performed under the sounds of to The Prodigy.

     It may sound strange, but you can compare The Prodigy with classical music if you actually listen
very close and try to get inside the music. And it was always about the music

     When I immigrated to the U.S. in 1999, almost immediately I had this desire to do something outside
of the box. It did not take long before I started experimenting with Russian hip-hop. However, it was
becoming boring for me and that may be the reason hip-hop direction was relatively short and looked
more like teenager vandalism. I participated in Russian hip-hop online battles a few times and at times
got advanced pretty far. I also made a CD which did not see much of the world, but was a fun
experience. I even participated in a sort of a gig with other performers where the organizers kept
turning down the sound of the instrumentals due to nearby houses! The location of the gig was in the
middle of Chicago busy street and living houses :).

     Anyways, hip-hop can be very straight forward and for me it is more about the bumpy ride in the
musical world. Therefore, I decided to try something more multiform like punk-rock, punk-rock
electronic, even industrial rock. There are some unfinished heavy industrial rock compositions which are
still on the task list; some of such tracks were even recorded.
This one for example: shurkin-Night () - , or this one: shurkin-Breakfast () - .
Most of the tracks however were put on stand-by, as suddenly I had this desire to compose Space

     Now, whats up with Space? From childhood I loved everything related to Space: the exploration,
telescopes, rockets, extraterrestrial outer space, aliens (if they exist), anything in that context. Also,
there was a great European band, which still exists and still makes music called Space (Didier Marouani
and Space, 1977-1980). About 10 years ago, I remember I listened a lot their music from 1970-80s.
Even after 20 years it sounded great and when I would go to sleep while listening to them I felt like I
was flying somewhere further beyond our solar system and it was awesome! The breakbeating
electronic punks Prodigy also bring this Out of Space (by the way thats one of the names of their
tracks) feeling. Besides the space and sound articulation there are other influences of course.

     Nine Inch Nails had an impact of opening the dark sides of my imagination. I also love Russian
(Soviet) rock and play/sing lots of those songs on acoustic guitar. At some point I started making
videos/recordings of those songs and made quite a few - [link to Acoutik]. I plan on making more in the
near future.

     As far as other future plans, there is a video clip under development for one of the Space Muze
compositions and also there are new musical projects on the road. Musical projects will not be
necessary space electronic style but definitely something experimental! Speaking of videos, since there
was so much fun times making videos like this one: Cast Iron Frying Pan Ad Video and this one:
Flip-Flops Video (parody on Crime Mob - In my White Tee), and a few others which can be found
on YouTube, I definitely will be making more. I learned quite a few concepts of video shooting,
implementation and production during making those and ready to make some more.

     Id still say though, my ideas for videos come straight from musical world, as I mentioned before its
always about the music for me. There are tons of ideas and the desire to continue my musical
biography! So, stay put.

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